Excellence and innovation in early autism intervention and inclusive education.

Young Mind Community Center brings together clinical expertise in autism and excellence in early childhood education to provide a comprehensive, transdisciplinary approach that delivers the best possible outcomes.

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Our Approach

Our unique, focused approach results in exceptionally high concentrations of expertise and related resources centered on early autism intervention. YMCC offers families the convenience of visiting a single site for access to a comprehensive spectrum of wrap-around services, which are coordinated and delivered seamlessly by a transdisciplinary team.

Our Team

Our transdisciplinary team includes experts from early childhood education, psychology, behavior analysis, speech and language pathology, and occupational therapy. Our highly skilled professionals work as a collaborative team to optimize resources, redefine problems outside normal boundaries, and innovate to reach new solutions and optimize results.

Our Environment

All components of our physical environment (from the natural and varied sources of light to the sensory walk that encourages tactile exploration) were selected to maximize the development of young children with autism. Our space was designed to create connections, increase motivation, provoke social interaction, invite active play, and promote engagement.

What we’re up to.