All behavior is a form of communication.

Behavioral disorders involve a persistent pattern of difficulty regulating emotions and behavior.


While children might occasionally act aggressively or argue with adults, more severe and chronic patterns of unwanted behavior may indicate the presence of a behavioral disorder. Some of these characteristics include frequently: 

  • Losing temper 
  • Being angry and resentful 
  • Arguing with adults 
  • Defying rules or requests 
  • Blaming others for mistakes or misbehavior 

Many of the characteristics associated with behavioral disorders occur (to some degree) in all children. Therefore, it is important to consider the frequency, persistence, pervasiveness, and impairment associated with the behaviors relative to the child’s same-age peers. 

For evaluations, YMC is currently in-network with BCBS, United, Cigna, Aetna, and ComPsych. At this time, they are not in-network with any state-funded plans, such as AHCCCS or Mercy Care.