Our team of clinical and school psychologists specializes in the identification of neurodevelopmental disorders and other challenges that emerge in the early developmental period. In order to develop a comprehensive plan to support a child’s continued development, a wide range of evaluations are conducted depending on the presenting concerns and issues you would like to address.

Accurate identification is the key to creating a comprehensive plan to support a child’s continued development. YMC provides accurate and comprehensive evaluations to help identify and understand a child’s current functioning, diagnosis, and treatment needs. Information is gathered through a variety of sources and often includes parent/caregiver interview, direct assessment using the “gold standard” measures, rating scales, and observations. For more information regarding diagnostic services visit Young Mind Center.

When parents do not agree with the results of an evaluation conducted by the public school system, they have a right to request an independent evaluation, known as an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE). An IEE can be thought of as obtaining a second opinion from a qualified evaluator who is not employed by the public school responsible for your child’s education. As a parent, you are entitled to one IEE at public expense each time the school conducts an evaluation with which you disagree.

An IEE is not limited to evaluating only a child’s academic or cognitive skills, it may include the evaluation of any skill related to your child’s educational needs. The team at YMC specializes in providing comprehensive evaluations for neurodevelopmental disorders and other challenges that emerge in the early developmental period including:

  • ASD (Autism)
  • ADHD
  • Learning disorders
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Language and communication delays
  • Behavior and social emotional concerns

It is best to request an IEE in writing and site the reason/s for your request, as the school must respond to your request in a timely manner, either granting your request for an IEE or filing for due process to prove that their evaluation is appropriate.

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Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Residency
As a member of the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium (AZPTC), the Young Mind Center offers an APPIC-accredited postdoctoral residency specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Applications are considered on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for more information about the residency and application process.


Graduate & Undergraduate Internships

We partner with local universities to serve as a training site for graduate students in the fields of applied behavior analysis and psychology, as well as undergraduate practicum students and interns in the field of psychology. Please contact your school’s training director for more information about our training site and application process.


Professional Trainings

We offer a wide range of trainings and consultation services to professionals and organizations who would like to learn more about autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, evaluations and assessment measures, behavior management, leadership development, and more. We help organizations find solutions to challenges, so they can focus on their mission and achieve high-quality results.

Whether it is taking the next steps after diagnosis, learning how to be more successful in your interactions with your child, or navigating the educational process, we partner with you to provide tailored support for you and your family. Whenever possible, we encourage extended family and caregivers to be involved to help ensure consistency and maximize results.

For evaluations, YMC is currently in-network with BCBS, United, Cigna, Aetna, and ComPsych. At this time, they are not in-network with any state-funded plans, such as AHCCCS or Mercy Care.